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Millionaires – Stay the Night

18872977 I don’t really have anything against the girls, but I definitely don’t like their music. The video was too cheesy, but at least they had fun with it, I guess. I miss how Dani used to look. She used to be gorgeous, but she’s going downhill. And she looked like she had a hugeee forehead in this video, which I’ve never seen in any of her other videos or photos. Again- Shitty music, but at least they’re having fun..

I’m pretty sure laughing at/masturbating over Millionaires videos is the sole sop I’m prepared to make to contemporary music. Where once they were a gaggle of odious scene queens screeching about being spitroasted by pro-skateboarders (and who among us could resist the manly charms of Chad Muska?), now they’ve decided that the whole kiddy cokehead style propagated by Kedollarsignha and, idk, whoever has come in Kedollarsignha’s wake, is the way to stack bundles.

They look a lot worse than they used to: the fat one has lost weight and the one who looked like a lesbian club promoter circa 2008 has decided to heteroify her attire to the extent they now all look like reporters on much-loved minor cable channel FashionTV.

I’m not really sure as to why the Millionaires would feel the need to incorporate dance routines into their songs, as surely all their fans have no irl contacts to perform said routines at a slumber party within, instead preferring to spend their evenings flashing their tits on justin.tv streams?

Nice, and a little surprising, to see the Millionaires come out against forced rape during the bottle-spinning sequence here.

What I’m getting at here is the time for ironically pretending to like Millionaires because they’re everything that’s bad about womanhood is now, sadly, at an end. They’re just a straight-up bad band now period. According to their Facebook feed, tickets are still available for all forthcoming dates. I’m certainly stunned/

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