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Schteve McClaren vs Youtube Auto Transcribe

I’ve been waiting for an excuse to do a post like this for time, and in the absence of any desire to provide proper content for this place, fuck it, let’s go with it. Those of you who can drag your browser away from streaming Lisa Ann popshots on YouPorn for long enough to click around on Youtube are possibly familiar with YTs “Auto Transcribe” feature, which provides subtitles for all Youtube videos with the accuracy of the transcription feature you had on the Hewlett Packard microphone you bought back in 1998. Originally, we wanted to use this on a rap video, but the only one that provided that many lols was the one of Guru’s nephew tearfully explaining his uncle’s dying state, and we kinda felt bad about zinging there. So here, instead, are some screengrabs from a video of everyone’s favourite victorious ersatz Dutchman, Steve McClaren, spitting some interview fire in ya face.

Also, on a side note, those of you who’ve recently been barred from your local pub quiz for iPhone use may want to pop over to Sporcle for this unnecessarily hard quiz based around one-hit wonders of the 00s I threw together.

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