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Mondeo Pop European Holiday

It always made little sense how mid-00s internet music pundits would cry a fie upon the British top 40 for not housing random Balkan dancehall producers or Icelandic countrypop divas, because the 90s had shown that The Official UK Chart Company was unlikely to be troubled by any songs that had a legitimately chart-conquering feel, but happened to hail from foreign climes, let alone by bedroom producers from Caracas. So ILB is proud to present to you a brief tribute to two classic Mondeo Pop joints from that time period that ne’er crossed-over.

“Lemon Tree” was a 1995 single from German pretend Britpoppers Fools Garden. It managed to go to #1 in five nations (and was a top 10 fixture in six others), but stalled at #26 in the UK in the week that “Wannabe” passed one million sales. Well done all involved. Europe went kinda crazy for this sound: at one point, MTV Europe was just Dutch women in bikinis introducing “74-75”. “Lemon Tree” later went on to become the theme tune to Melrose Place when dubbed into Italian.

Liquido, as far as I can make out, never even bothered to release “Narcotic” onto the UK marketplace, which strikes me as a wasted opportunity considering how they were operating in the same timeframe that saw Fountains of Wayne regularly stroll to #33 in the charts with that weeks’ power-pop. Again a number one single in Germany (and polling top 10 spots elsewhere), “Narcotic” has apparently retained some sort of ironic cachet in the student clubs of Hoffenheim and Wolfsburg, and regularly features on “BEST SONG IN THE WORLD… EVER” lists in the German equivalent of the MSN.co.uk homepage. They never achieved much in the way of career longevity though, quite possibly because their follow-up single was based around the chorus “Big boy, double decker, making my heart go quicker”. Pause.

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