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RIP Guru

There was part of me that wanted to going into some sort of spiel here over how Guru was the first time you had the death of a major performer in hip-hop where people would have had time to get used to the idea that the artist was ill, the artist was dying and that the artist was dead (Dilla did his dying in private, everyone else got capped). But then, I don’t know, I kinda don’t feel that this is the time or the place for half-assed sociology.

It’s also not really the place for lemonade puns (although we were tempted to make this post a picture of us pouring a bottle of R White’s out) or ponderances on either a) the true nature of Guru’s relationship with Gang Starr or b) explanations of why Solar is a fucking cunt (or even c) stupidly fucking cutesy references to “naughty rappers” on shit indie blogs for shit indie cunts of the stripe too fucking useless at internet music hackery to even get a gig writing for The Line of Best Fit).

I mean, fuck it, this was Guru and they were Gang Starr, and I honestly don’t think that in my decade-and-a-half of rap standom I have ever met someone I would call a capital R, capital F “rap fan” who wasn’t fucking with Gang Starr on any level, and I honestly don’t think that, outside of maybe the Wu, there was any other act you could say that about. They transcended a lot of boundaries, were arguably the biggest rap group to never make a blatantly commercial move (dude even got a Daily Mail obit), were still capable of putting out A+ bangers right under their final days (check out “Rite Where U Stand” for proof), and it’s very unfortunate that it took cancer and a coma for people to twig that Guru wasn’t some sort of water carrier for Premier in their partnership, but they were both talented artists. So yeah, we salute Guru on ILB in the most earnest way we know how: Youtube mania. Godspeed big man.

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  1. MF
    April 20, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    Best Guru write-up I’ve read so far.

    Sabotage off The Ownerz is the shit too.

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