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Oh shit, it’s that one time Peter Steele was on Ricki Lake

Whether he was busy having a massive dick, making awful music, or being in negotations to appear in a reality TV show with Randy Savage and Phil Helmuth, Peter Steele was always a man of minor interest. And now he’s dead, so rather than listening to his, really really really bad, recorded output, enjoy these video clips of his brief career as a talk show interest.

The quality of the Ricki Lake video, with its sudden jitters, makes Steele look like he’s appearing in a live action episode of Dr Katz. Also, I don’t remember him looking so much like a better groomed Tommy Wiseau. Between his appearance here and his appearance on the Jerry Springer Show around the same time, I can only assume Pete had some pretty big gambling debts he was trying to pay off.

No, seriously, why was Peter Steele a “thing” on mid-90s talk shows? Did I miss the point where Dez Fafara turned up on Sally Jessy Raphael? Were Type O Negative Smash Mouth-levels of big at one point? I barely remember them being bigger than Lit, tbh.

Also, at one point, I was going to comment on how it was a little awkward that out of a panel of three black chicks and one white one, Peter had only slept with the cracker on Springer, but then I turned on YouTube’s “close captioning” feature, and saw this:

See? Peter Steele wholeheartedly endorses the 1965 Watts Riots. And now he’s free to brodown with the 34 people killed in the second worst race riots in US history in the afterlife. Pour one out.

  1. MF
    April 16, 2010 at 10:59 am

    Carnivore were a pretty good band, imo.

  2. Lindsey
    September 13, 2010 at 8:17 pm

    I think it’s rude as hell for ppl to pick on Peter Steele in such a way. Who cares if he was only on Ricki Lake once or on Jerry Springer once?! He was an amazing man, he was very talented & made great music. He was one of the most real musicians ever known. His lyrics were his own, his music was his own, he did not have someone else writing his music or lyrics for him. He produced them himself. He was real, he was true…..
    He will always be amazing in my eyes & I am sad to know that he had to leave this world. I hope he will always rest in peace & I will be forever grateful to know him. I will never stop listening to his music & I will never bid him farewell….I will see him again one day.
    He was the greatest!

  3. Emily Hentosh
    June 21, 2011 at 2:23 am

    well it looks like to me someone had a couple of wet dreams and shame to go with it to know all of Peters may I say ” Downfalls”. looking at peter steele for one minute of my life would satisfy my whole existense. The only problem I have is 98% of the entire world does not have good taste in anything that is the best. I lived in the same lifetime as this man. and belive me having a conversation with Mr. Steele and getting to know him makes me understand all the more how magnificiant god is to have created that man. by the way being well educated in commen sense and and having the privilage to listen to music created from the gods makes it all the more sweeter that commen morons dont have the right to love his musical art. look at him and look at You!! I hate to even have this discussion because my Mentor who I worshiped is gone forever and the rest of this world full of ugly, stupid, boring, ingratefull, discusting closest cases have the nerve to write there worthless opinons on the computer. type o negative is a way of life. say this face to face goofball. id give you my address if I thought you had a backbone. But of course not your just a sexually confused person who is shittalking the dead and let me say if you think pete steele wasn’t up to snuff, What the shit do you think is better all around. He didn’t know or care at all who the fuck you were and hed just walk right past your ass not even giving you a single glance. you should be punished for saying words like those. those are fighting words my mental defected pervert. What man takes the time to make this whole thing for everyone to see. you discusting liar.
    Being a woman I would love to hurt you. and if Petrus is actually somewhere in hell or heaven hear this and show him darkness. THATS WHY HEAVEN IS A LOAD OF MANUARE. WHY WOULD I SPEND FOREVER AND EVER WITH BILLIONS OF ASSHOLES WHO MAKE ME SICK ON EARTH. THATS NOT HEAVEN THATS HELL.

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