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In celebration of: the fake Krissi Murison Twitter account

That coat of arms is a little racist, isn’t it? The fake Twitter account game has been ruined slightly by the estimated 75,000 erstatz Phil Browns currently clogging this particular internet tube up, but rest assured some gems do still lurk around out there. For instance, @ThomasKnox is a hilarious pastiche of a clapped out 90s lads mag reject who coped with the increasing awareness of his own pathetic mortality as he reaches his 40s by becoming a reactionary Tory shitbag.

Another Twitter account that brought the lulz was @krissi_murison_, since deleted by some of IPC’s more feisty legal department warriors. However, you know that ILB has connections in the best of places, and so we are proud to bring you, from the libellers’ hands itself, the potted highlights of that Twitter account as was after the jump:

Those of you who miss this high-octane mix of bitterness and derogatory misogyny disguising itself as commentary on the modern music journalism scene could do worse than to check out @nme_krissi_m, a Twitter account that in no way claims to be that of any IPC employee at all. Hear that, Twitter legal department?

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  1. Biche
    April 11, 2010 at 11:14 pm

    Now where have I heard that Phil Jupitus/John Peel/pie quip before…?

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