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Tanya Morgan – Posted

ILB has already come out against rappers on Twitter. Rappers on Ustream, though… we’re undecided. Maybe it’s just because we’re comparing it to the Ustream events of Scottish BBC 2 comedians that are quite clearly dry alcoholics mentally unravelling very very slowly, but we’ve quite enjoyed Donwill from Tanya Morgan’s Ustream events.

Yeah, they are basically a drunk rapper dropping glasses of gin, going “Yo, yo, lemme play this one joint” before fiddling around with iTunes for 25 minutes, while you keep one eye open because his Tanya Morgan friends might just pop in to wish him luck, but it’s endearing and cheaper than rolling up onto LiveJasmine to throw a c-note down on getting two Estonian girls to engage in banal attempts at making out for 12 minutes.

“Posted” is a Tanya Morgan track from recently released “Closed Sessions Volume 1“, a comp album where all your favourite rappers from within two train interchanges from Chicago get together and record their own tracks in the same studio, namely SoundScape Recordings. That’s all cute and that, you get to read liner notes about how the tracks were recorded individually, a boon for all you guys still hoping that your Amanda Blank vs Blue Nile mash-up will get you taken seriously as a producer in 2010. That’s not important. What is important is that, in all sincerity, “Posted” is the first track I’ve had on constant, “wait, shit, I’ve listened to this 20 times in a row? Seriously?” rotation in far too long.

I’m not going to try and put my finger on exactly why because I don’t want to kill the… “magic” is such a finnoch term, but it fits here. I think it’s the Tony Baines beat that does it for me: it’s like someone took a starter drum sample kit, chiselled it into a sharp point, stabbed a 2006-era R&B hit repeatedly in the neck, and then just stood there as it bled to death. It’s one of the most sedate attacks you’ll ever hear, like the Blob devouring an entire recording studio. I can’t remember a single line from any of TM’s verses on this (apart from the Uncle Phil namecheck), but that’s because they’re playing with the beat rather than running over it. Just a perfect union of MCs and producer. I honestly don’t think another 10/10 track like this will be dropped in the ’10. I mean, unless Stan Boardman does another World Cup song, obviously.

Tanya Morgan – Posted (MP3)

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