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I moved back into the world of capsule reviewing

Just for today I will act courteously, criticize not one bit and not to try to improve or regulate anybody except myself.

This is the part of the 12-step recovery program that I struggle with the most, to be honest. As part of my rehabilitation into greater society, I’ve started doing capsule reviews for some places again. It’s a hard art, the economy of it all, having to get some basic INFO and a couple of Passantino-standard zings in to less than 110 words, but it’s all part of the recovery process, right? Maybe I can use this as a springboard to write for that one dance music mag that’s on coffee counters in East London with the really poor quality paper. Eight Hours Until Death or whatever it’s called. Anyway, here’s the review I did of some Waylon Jennings album from two years ago that has only just come out here for some reason. Enjoy.

Waylon Jennings and the 357s – Waylon Forever: Whereas Johnny Cash’s deteriorating health saw him retreat into a world of alt.rock karaoke, his fellow Highwayman Waylon Jennings kept it country, even as his voice and (due to diabetes) left foot deserted him. A potted collection of vocal tracks left behind after his death since given life and instrumentation by his son Shooter, Waylon Forever mixes reworkings of classic Jennings joints with a cover of Cream’s White Room and the steel guitar and strings-laden Outlaw Shit, where he stops to ask “Don’t you think this outlaw shit has gotten outta hand?” The voice may have been weakened, but the outlaw spirit was clearly still willing.
Rating 7/10

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