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Tanya Morgan – Posted

ILB has already come out against rappers on Twitter. Rappers on Ustream, though… we’re undecided. Maybe it’s just because we’re comparing it to the Ustream events of Scottish BBC 2 comedians that are quite clearly dry alcoholics mentally unravelling very very slowly, but we’ve quite enjoyed Donwill from Tanya Morgan’s Ustream events. Read more…


I moved back into the world of capsule reviewing

Just for today I will act courteously, criticize not one bit and not to try to improve or regulate anybody except myself.

This is the part of the 12-step recovery program that I struggle with the most, to be honest. As part of my rehabilitation into greater society, I’ve started doing capsule reviews for some places again. It’s a hard art, the economy of it all, having to get some basic INFO and a couple of Passantino-standard zings in to less than 110 words, but it’s all part of the recovery process, right? Maybe I can use this as a springboard to write for that one dance music mag that’s on coffee counters in East London with the really poor quality paper. Eight Hours Until Death or whatever it’s called. Anyway, here’s the review I did of some Waylon Jennings album from two years ago that has only just come out here for some reason. Enjoy. Read more…

Post-midnight Youtube filler: Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons – The Night

March 26, 2010 3 comments

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first heard this song as a 7 year old in 1976 and its still in my mind today since the first time i heard it,what a brilliant piece of perfectly written music along with thousands of other 60s/70s songs,definately no talent around since the 1970s,very sad remembering such good music is no longer made,music in those days was written to strike at your heart n soul and connected you to your loved ones who had passed away,you listen to the last 30 years of rubbish with no meaning and it saddens you.
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We did it!!!

March 23, 2010 3 comments

From today’s Gorkana update:

Stuart Jeffries and Hannah Pool from The Guardian’s features department have now left. Stuart has been at The Guardian for nineteen years, and Hannah joined in 1996 as a Junior Reporter. Laura Barton will be leaving at the end of April, having joined in 2000.

On Half Man Half Biscuit, “Joy Division Oven Gloves”, and the “Save 6Music” campaign

Little brings as much joy to my empty heart as the despair some people feel when they realise the musicians and songs they hold dearest to their hearts have now been appropriated by the advertising industry. It doesn’t matter what Vashti Bunyan means to you personally, because to everyone else she now means 300 texts and 250 minutes for £25 a month on any Vodafone contract. Have the words of John Prine talked you out of ending it all on many an occasion? Well maybe now they’ll talk you into buying the new peri peri chicken Subway. And regardless of the exhilaration of that last minute bid war with a Norwegian cratedigger for a Freestyle Fellowship promo vinyl on eBay, everyone else has now heard that unreleased joint because it’s now soundtracking NASCAR 2010 on the Wii. I found this stuff hilarious. And then the “Save 6 Music” campaign happened. Read more…

Readers’ letters

Last month’s article on the inanities of Mof Gimmers attracted some comment, but none as powerful as the comment left below. I couldn’t let it languish there, so it gets a post all of its own:

New guy here, I cravinged to make known to you of the Malware crap that is affluent nigh the net. This power be a bit off question but if things go well it pass on escape folks get that crapy spyware off their PC.
Browser hijacking can defiling your large day and commit your grey matter filled with malevolent thoughts toward the perpetrators. But there are other, faster methods to subsist with it next to tracking down and slaughtering notable ( unruffled if they truthfully DO desperately claim to it ) there are sundry advantage programs you can use to fix hijacks, some superiority than others. Here we may question deliberate over the superiority ones.

For what it is importance, the old saying that an oz Of prunruffledtion is good a com of mend unquestionably applies here and the strong of getting a browser hijack is explicitly associated to your own derogatory browsing habits. So it stands to calculate that if you’re looking for something in one of those categories you are far more fair to run across a browser hijack than if you sustain to the square and narrow. But disinterested the get the better of of us can on call up rove from the beaten way and run into enigmas. If you obtain been hijacked you ordain be to over it from chance again and gloomily ample, staying away from ‘those compassionate of sites’ is the maximum effort way to do this.

And, as trite, you remarkably lack to run anti-virus and anti-malwarebytes programs in the presence of an up in the air comes up. But beneficial here and now you are faced with the difficult of ‘what to do to fix it?’

If your browser has been hijacked and you don’t already from vamp programs established you could be up against the wall. diverse hijackers actively thwart you from visiting sites where you can download the pickle, which implies you pass on oblige to get on another structure, download the programs and establish them to the infected system from a removable drive. And there’s also one named Hijack This. Each of these are wonderful programs and can corral some, but very likely not all browser hijacks. ( a full of energy vow of warning: diverse malevolent programs represent as being anti-virus/anti-spyware programs. )

While leader this I couldn’t relief but expect of Robert Deniro and how a mark he energy tease would traffic with a browser hijack. It’s a abashment we can’t virtuous gun the people who do it down while saying, ‘Hijack this!!’ But at least there are some earnest-biography, workable options, such as those listed above.

More info nigh Internet sanctuary you can twig on malware bytes

Thanks, Newbie

You’re a Richman, and you’ve gone too far, ‘cuz you know it don’t matter anyway

March 20, 2010 2 comments

On the real, the picture for this post was originally going to be your man with the moustache who used to host Channel 4’s “Right to Reply”, but the only pictures of him online from the time are far too small, and the only pictures of him from nowadays show a man who looks entirely different, to the extent I think there might actually be two different Roger Boltons and IMDB is just being a dick. So enjoy looking at this awful Sims 2 Twilight pack instead. Read more…