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The now dead Doug Fieger: not a hip-hop icon

And don’t front like you’re not fucking with “My Sharona”, because the only way someone who wrote a better song will die in 2010 is if Warren Zevon rises from the grave only to be hit by a car immediately afterwards. There’s quite often a schtick amongst rap bloggers for, when a non-rap celebrity passes on, to throw up a few hundred words on said cadaver’s contribution, intended or not, to hip-hop. If you’re really lucky, you can then have your post copied word-for-word by The Guardian. Doug Fieger, while undoubtedly behind an A+ track, didn’t contribute much to rap. But there were two songs he was sampled on…

Run DMC – It’s Tricky

Youtube, being a bitch, won’t allow me to embed the video for this, where Penn and Teller turn up for no real obvious reason. From my understanding of sampling history, which is fuck all, Run DMC didn’t bother to credit The Knack for this sample, which has to take some fucking balls considering how obviously it sticks out. Presumably Fieger will be pulling the “You got money for fake moustaches but you ain’t got money to pay me?” routine on Jay as soon as he’s got through heaven’s induction vivdeos.

Everlast – I Got The K nack

Everlast has, for some unknown reason, tried to downplay this part of his career. I seem to remember him mainly dressing like a white Heavy D during his Rhyme Syndicate days, so this PJ and Duncan/son from Two Point Four Children get-up was a sight for sore eyes. Also watch out for the black guy in an early crowd shot who’s wearing a pearly king hat, and the world’s gayest Pete Rock on DJ duties for Whitey Ford. They actually put out a “TENTH ANNIVERSARY” edition of “Eat at Whitey’s” recently. Is that really an album that needs nostalgic lookbacks at? Can’t we just reignite the Eminem/Everlast beef, and its fascinating side-battle, D12 vs Dilated Peoples? Imagine the latter beef occuring in an era of Twitter and vlad.tv. It would kill hip-hop quicker than “We Are The World 2” did.

  1. February 15, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    R.I.P. Doug, I’m sure we haven’t heard the last sampling of your stuff

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