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Orazio Strano

I promised myself 2010 would be different. It wouldn’t be like previous years, where I just wallowed in old music. No, I’d keep up to date, I’d get my Google Reader game in order and start checking out MP3 blogs again, I’d scour what.cd for bands that had three downloads but an interesting name, I’d start taking attention of hype rappers and scene indie bands and what was at #1 that week. I would again be able to take part in year-end conversations about whether Taylor Swift is good or bad for America, rather than just tossing off a ballot that goes “Yeah, I danced to that Lonely Island track once, fuck it that can go in”. 2010 was going to be a year where I looked to the future. And then Orazio fucking Strano turns up.

Strano was an Italian folk balladeer of the 1950s. The only way you Western devils would have heard of him is through his song “Turi Giuliano”, a paean to the legendary Sicilian folk hero/bandit/dude who shot a load of people and was later portrayed in film by Christopher Walken, Salvatore Giuliano, that was on the OST to “Raging Bull”.

Despite my father, like most other Sicilians, treating Giuliano with a raptness usually reserved for 20-goal-a-season Juventus strikers, I’d never heard of Strano until an aimless attempt at finding the techo tracks from “Gomorra” led me to discover the “La Musica Della Mafia” series, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Say what you want about how 300 years of organised crime has turned Southern Italy into a third world state, at least the gangsters know how to get the music popping and a few bottles of barolo flushing about. Strano contributes to CD 3 in the series, with “Pani E Rispettu A Li Travagghiaturi”.

Anyway, being as I’m still half-feverish from flu, I have no clever analysis, no salient points to make here: all I know is that I whole-heartedly approve of Orazio Strano, and you should get yourself educated. Here, have one of his songs filmrolled by some hentai images:

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  1. MF
    February 9, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    Pani E Rispettu A Li Travagghiaturi has that bowling alley mobsters from The Wanderers swag.

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