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Stylus Decade supplement: Casey Johnson memorial edition

Tequila said Johnson had not answered her phone since December 29, 2009.[10] Tequila later posted to her Twitter that Johnson was not dead, but in a coma. She later revised the statement, saying Johnson was, in fact, dead.[11]

You can’t write comedy like that.

Still, Johnson will go to whichever circle of hell St Paul chooses without knowing who the usual gang of idiots and chubby chasers named as the album of The Stylus Decade (SPOILER WARNING: it was “Well Well Well” by Milburn). She didn’t even survive to see The Hold Steady’s 2006 offering “Boys and Girls In America”, an album that we placed at #79 in our countdown (nine places below “As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt 2”, and it’s hard to believe that album is only seven years old, it feels like it came out during the Taft Administration).

Anyway, in our blurb we kinda indicated that B&GIA would have been even better (maybe even the best Hold Steady album?) if it had included Australian release supplemental track and iTunes-only bonus “Girls Like Status”. So here’s the live version of it, taken from “A Positive Rage” which was packaged with a DVD we got interviewed for but aren’t actually on. We were basically like that chick in the hat from the end of the Slapchop advert when it came to intelligent on-camera discussion of Craig Finn et al.

I kind of get why it’s not on the album: the live version frames it as a piece of paternal advice (like the other great Hold Steady non-album track, “You Gotta Dance With Who You Came To The Dance With”), which kinda disrupts the flow of “young adults fucking around/up” vibe of it. Still, girls like status, and regardless of if you’ve lost their heirship of your family’s shampoo company, you can still use that prestige to get mad gash. Just remember to pack your inhaler while doing so.

The Hold Steady – Girls Like Status (MP3)

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