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The disinterested ILB end of year rundown: #4 Tanya Morgan ft Blu – Morgan Blu

“Like the Klan, leavin’ niggaz hanging is my favorite pasttime/’Cuz most of them are wacker than my last line”

The main benefit of rap journalism now being boiled down to Gucci Mane livebloggers and senile motherfuckers reminiscing about the golden days of Do Or Die releases is that it leaves pussy motherfuckers like me who want to listen to Tanya Morgan alone to do it in peace. Ten years ago, TM, and Blu himself for that matter, would have been filed alongside “see not all rap is about the bitches and the guns and the money” press release-rewritten shit from the Rawkus Era. Five years ago they’d probably have been superglued on to some article about how neo-soul was making rap inroads and how nice actually is Common’s hat. Nowadays, absolutely fuck all people are writing about either of these guys, and that’s fine by me. Like I said, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a group in peace without having to be presented with what the rest of their fans in the media think of them.

“Brookylnati” was a great album of the kind that… like, yeah we get it, it does get tiresome for people to keep arguing that more rappers should make “rap albums” rather than “rap compilations of the 25 least worst tracks they’ve put together in the past 18 months”, but part of “Brooklynati”‘s appeal was that it was a coherent whole telling the intermingling tales of a bunch of down-on-their luck schmucks in a fictitious town complete with websites and DVD packages of a whole heap of shit to drive the point home. It’s a very indie band-esque approach to creating a brand and a product for fans to buy into, and it’s probably not much of a coincidence that Donwill from TM is one of the few rappers out there who has a Twitter account that doesn’t make him appear functionally retarded.

I mean, they’re just likable guys, this is a likable track, Blu’s a likable guest on it… isn’t that enough for you people these days?

Tanya Morgan ft Blu – Morgan Blu (MP3)

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