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The disinterested ILB end of year rundown: #3 Jackie Chain – Diamonds and Cadillacs

Why on earth does Dominik Diamond now look like Gary Glitter does now? Nagl.

For some reason, Channel 4 hasn’t put Gamesmaster on 4OD yet, so any of you wanting to relive the Thursdays of your youth may have to make do with Youtube botchjobs or three-week long downloads from private members torrent sites. Here’s some of the best YouTube clips of it:

Top 10 Fatalities

From the Gamesmaster Gore Special, which went out at midnight rather than 6:30pm and seemed mainly an excuse to show off how many Atari Jaguar games contained tits.

Simon Amstell on series 3 of the show

What stops Press Gang from entering into the collective subconscious as a cherished childhood memory is the recollection of how awful series 3 of Gamesmaster, as hosted by Dexter Fletcher, truly was. Anyway, here’s a two-year-old Simon Amstell proving that homosexuals can play videogames other than The Sims: H&M Expansion Pack. He hadn’t yet perfect the art of the wry ironic eyeballing of an indie musician back then.

Dave “The Bandana” Perry acting like a dick

I know retro-gaming dudes are always “lol remember when Dave Perry threw a bitchfit that one time”, but to me the most notable thing about this is the leather trousers he’s wearing. It’s like jerkin’ remake of the Rocky Horror Show.

Lee and Herring

Notice Diamond’s zinging of Herring’s sex appeal, or lack of it, here. Clear an imprinting incident on Rich’s psyche, leading him to plow literally hundreds of insecure chicks at comedy nights up and down the country in the following decade-and-a-half. Also notice that part 2 begins with Aaron Lacrate giving someone 90%.

Jackie Chain? Oh yeah, like most people I was kinda stoked for all that nu-Alabama shit when it first came through, but then Diplo got involved and I focussed my energies on other things. Like Youtube clips of a 17-year-old videogame review show for children.

Jackie Chain – Diamonds and Cadillacs (MP3)

  1. MF
    January 4, 2010 at 9:54 pm

    I was in the audience for an episode of Gamesmaster when my mate was on there. I can’t remember what he was playing (some car game I think) but Jaz Rignall was there as the games expert that episode and he farted really loudly during one of Dommy D’s links.

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