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The disinterested ILB end of year rundown: #9 Marco Polo and Torae – But Wait

I don’t really buy into all this “MONOCULTURE IS DEAD, WHAT’S THE POINT OF DOING YEAR-END LISTS ANYMORE” talking point shit.

Look, bottom line is that nobody is writing about music on the internet for the love, or else we’d be confining our opinions to message boards where we could at least post this gif to indicate our approval of an album:

If you’re a low-end blogging douche like me, you’re hoping to get picked up by the majors. If you’re on a major website already, you’re trying to get that Haagen Daas sponsorship money again. And, curse God all you want, but lists are what people actually want to read on the internet.

I don’t like it any more than you, and it does get ridiculous when the Times or the Telegraph or whichever one it is has a “TOP 100 SCUNTHORPE FULL BACKS SINCE THE WAR” list every Monday, but you can’t blame journalists for giving the people what they want. I mean, you’re not being entertained or informed by any of these 20 blurbs, but they stop my hands from going numb over the Xmas period and give me something to do in between watching Series 4 of King of the Hill on DVD, and really what else do you need?

This song? It’s bringing something back, New York or some year from the 90s or “that real ish”. S’good, regardless.

  1. MF
    January 2, 2010 at 10:34 am

    I liked Hold Up best, ’cause, y’know, Masta Ace and Sean P were on it and ’cause it’s one of those Primo biting beats which is better than anything Primo did this year bar Shake This.

    This was great, though. I’d even listen to Joe Budden or Chester P if they did songs based around Onyx samples.

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