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Dude from OMC: you’re dead

January 30, 2010 2 comments

You were a Maori who had the first post-“Odelay” crossover pop hit and according to Wikipedia a decade later you did a song with Lucy Lawless, and now you’re dead. Sleep tight sweet prince, hope they have elephants and tigers and acrobats in the afterlife.

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Sean of the Braindead

January 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Seriously,we have nothing specifically against Sean Adams: we’ve met him and he appears to be a sound guy. But he quite clearly is an utter fucking moron, or else he wouldn’t have his own category. Read more…

Why is the BBC telling me this?

January 26, 2010 1 comment

There’s a certain symmetry between the British left and the BBC (no shit, huh?). You spend so much of your time defending both of them from brickbats delivered by thrusting Thatcherites and godless-in-both-senses-of-the-word Randians and random Americans who have for some reason decided to take a massive interest in the goings-on of a country halfway across the world and with a quarter of its population, that you never stop to think “Wait… what the fuck am I actually standing up for here”? Read more…

In memoriam: @alanjmcgee briefly being an entertaining page on Twitter

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

I do love how that bone cancer patient lookin’ boy has just oh-so-casually got a bottle of Highland Spring dead centre of his profile there, as if he just needed to remind people that he was Scottish and wasn’t sure if some tiffin and a bag of heroin would show up in photos taken with a flash. Anyway, Alan McGee was a man from the 90s who was responsible for some bad music and is now an “industry figure” who exists mainly to cosign bullshit like The Holloways and occasionally turns up in The Guardian’s music section claiming that some random recently deceased British music figure was “the original punk rocker”. Big Al also maintained a Twitter account which, until this week, nobody had absolutely any reason to follow unless you were one of those weird fucks who will follow any “industry” “figure” regardless of if you like them or care for what they say (also, shitmydadsays isn’t funny. Just want to throw that out there). However, for one solitary week, he became entertaining. Read more…

Ich Luge Bullets 2009: Our year in lists Part #2

January 21, 2010 1 comment

You want part two of a rundown of the most read ILB posts of the past year? We’ll give you part two of a rundown of the most read ILB posts of the past year: Read more…

Ich Luge Bullets 2009: Our year in lists Part #1

January 19, 2010 1 comment

I’m as stunned as you are. Ich Luge Bullets, more out of blind luck and the fact that we can’t afford a PS3 to occupy our time than by design, has made it through to its second year. I’d like to say we couldn’t have done it without you, our loyal readers, but to be fair you haven’t really done anything for me. That talentless cunt that draws The Oatmeal probably gets hella Paypal payments winging their way into his Dorito-crumb encrusted pockets, and the most I’ve got from you is… zero? Depends whether that dude we ripped off for pizza has started self-googling yet.

Anyway, one of my favourite ever pieces of ILB writing was our 2008 review in which we counted down the 20 most read ILB posts of the previous year. And why fuck with the classics? We hereby present to you part 1 of the 20 pieces of Passantino script that had you kids on the internet going “lol” and blithely pressing “thumbs up” on Stumbleupon, to no visible effect on our hit rates. Read more…

Los Campesinos have made a video for “Romance Is Boring”

January 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Big Dave Meltzer would probably criticise the lack of psychology in the luchador’s appearance, but we fucks with this hard. The inevitable 3,000 word-long ILB review of the album is gonna be coming at some point soon kids. Keep ’em peeled.