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The disinterested ILB end of year rundown: #12 Pill – Trap Goin’ Ham

Oh Jesus fucking Christ have we got another 12 of these posts to write before the list has ended? Why the fuck did I start this mindless quest?

You honestly think I’m going to have anything new or fresh to say about Pill that isn’t a) just rehashed copy from those dudes who actually proofread their rap blog posts before sending them out into the wider sphere or b) idle pondering on, when he makes the broadsheets, how many article headlines will read “JUST LIKE A PILL” (answer: none. The Guardian will discover Gucci Mane in November 2010, the same week it has a feminist critique of Twilight. Get your orders in at all good newsagents now).

I mean, it probably is worth highlighting the disconnect between rap blogging and the real world where real people live and actually earn money to pay bills. There’s some clip on Vimeo where they’re interviewing kids born in 2000 about their memories of the past decade, and one of the questions who “Who was the biggest celebrity of the noughties?” One of the kids answers “Selena Gomez”.

I think this is probably what being a rap blogger is actually about. To your mind, 2009 everyone was talking about Jacko, Tiger Woods, balloon boy, Clint Dempsey, “BEYONCE HAD THE BEST VIDEO OF ALL TIME”, and Pill. And really, no, nobody was. Pill doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry yet. And if you search for “Trap Goin’ Ham” on Wiki, the results that turn up include “This Ain’t A Scene It’s An Arms Race”, “Hurricane Katrina” and “List of Step By Step Episodes”. God knows what that prooves.

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