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The disinterested ILB end of year rundown: #11 Los Campesinos – There Are Listed Buildings

The Express Lifts Tower (now known as the National Lift Tower) is one of only two such lift-testing towers in Europe, and one of only three Grade II listed buildings in Northamptonshire. It was opened ten days after I was born, and Poppa ILB worked at Express Lifts for 16 years before the company was shut down in a hostile takeover by Otis Lifts in 1996. At any given moment, it is liable to collapse due to poor design planning and kill everyone who lives in the newbuild houses located on the site of the former Express Lifts shopfloor sites.

I think it’s good for Los Campesinos! that they all seem like pretty smart, educated people, or else they’d end up being the kind of band who do fashion shoots for Front Magazine (as a side note, being as we’re slowly putting the 00s to bed, can we have some sort of moratorium on the usage of the term “bum” as in “I would so bum that jacket”? I’m all for appopriation of what the kids are saying these days, but that’s just a step too far).

LC!’s “Romance Is Boring” (it must be a Ballboy reference, right?) is out early February, and ILB has steadfastly refused to download the leak of it because Gareth LC! will come to our house and fuck us up if we do. Still, this kinda emotionally maturer, provincial-fun-fair-at-11-pm sound makes it seem like the whole thing will be a lock for the 2010 year-end album polls we’re already trying to think of ways of excusing ourselves from.

EDIT: Gareth LC! says: “t’s not a ballboy reference, just coincidental. Despite being a ballboy fan, the similarity never really occured to me until we’d decided on the title. It is a nod towards the last track of Welcome To… though. Most things I do are.”

Never forget that ILB rolls with the stars. Our grandmother’s cousin’s grandson is Riccardo Scimeca, and my dad used to drink in the same pub as Allan Lamb.

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