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The disinterested ILB end of year rundown: #14 The Lonely Island – I’m On A Boat

People who’ve made low-end impacts on the IchLugeBullets year, part one in a series of one: redheaded Irish or Scottish or something broad I’ve met at three separate house parties this year. At the first one, she was breaking down the sexual preferences of her and her boyfriend within ten minutes of us talking (anal sex is a go, apparently) and insisted I add her to Facebook. The third party, she had no idea whatsoever who I was. And in the second, her pissed-up flailing around and screeches of “POSEIDON SEE ME NOW” to this track finally helped me come to terms with The Lonely Island.

Enough of copper-haired dames who later went to the stereo and put something by The Police on. It’s 2009, I’ve basically given up on rap music, and the fact that The Lonely Island, who are two comedians with vaguely sinister mouths, have managed to put out a hip-hop album better than all but, what, six rappers this year, is just stunning. They even had a fucking J-Zone beat on there. I mean, I refuse to sit through a fucking Mr Lif or CunninLinguists album to hear Back$lap behind the boards, and it’s not as if anyone else is giving him a chance.

There’s at least six good jokes on “Incredibad” as well, which is more than Linda Smith managed in her entire life before she died. Plus her material was less focussed around Norah Jones singing a paean to Chex-Mix than it was “ooooh, M&S checkout assistants look at you funny sometimes, don’t they?” Rot in hell, bitch.

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