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The disinterested ILB end of year rundown: #15 Ivan Ives – I Hate College

Song parodies are the lowest form of artistic expression. You think the guy that did “Star Wars Cantina” sleeps easy at night? Of course he fucking doesn’t.

I’ve found 25 parodies of “I Love College”, a song that everyone has already forgotten, on Youtube. Reviewing them all would be a thankless task, but in brief:

Jovanos looks like a a mid-price range option for sex tourists to Brazil.

I Love Eighth Grade” at least brings minor roffles by having one of the “Remake Squadron” be an 80s movie-style fat kid, with pinkened skin and the facial features of 2000s impact player Lizzie Bardsley.

I Love Facebook” New rule for the 2010s: you are now allowed to physically assault any woman who wears a headband. They aren’t providing anything useful to society.

I Love Gaming” the follow-up to “You Can Play Whatever You Like (XBox 360 Rap)”. I thought nerdcore was clawing its way back to respectability by making hella porn, but apparently there’s guys like this, who talk like one-off support characters on early-run episodes of South Park, bringing everyone back down to his level.

The point I’m grasping towards is that when you make a riposte song over a pretty worn out beat, you run the risk of going novelty. The fact that Ivan Ives, who is fucking Russian or something and previously made a song about his love of Amelie, stays on the right side of that line is pretty stunning. He even manages to get away with using the word “sheeple”, and was also the first white rapper to go “Obama morelike Obummer, amirite?”, leaving the door open for some skits on the next Necro album where he rapes Malia. Everyone’s a winner.

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