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The disinterested ILB end of year rundown: #17 Phoenix – Lisztomania

There’s a mindset among a decent swathe of pop culture savvy twentysomethings, myself included, who think it’d be a good idea to bag themselves an American partner. I believe the reasoning goes that because we know our American TV, and because we know who, idk, Lauren Conrad or Andy Griffith are, we can wow said Yankee by… just talking about stuff that’s actually common to them. It’s a really flawed mindset.

It’s also flawed because Americans that come over here to live enthuse about the dumbest fucking shit ever. As soon as they touch down at Heathrow airport, within two hours they’ve already bought every season of Peep Show on DVD. Then they go through a period of boring everyone by talking about real ale. And then they start “discovering” bands that have been around for a decade, and spread the good news to their friends back in the old country, like 19th century Ellis Island inhabitees penning missives saying “We have not hurling in this new land, yet some of our boss’s family play a game known as ‘baseball’. It’s shit”.

Phoenix were this year’s beneficiary of such a move, their marketing strategy being seemingly 50% word of mouth from chicks doing post-graduate courses at LSE and 50% that one Youtube video with Molly Ringwald cutting a rug in it. I can’t hate though, they’ve been making 7.8/10 albums since the turn of the decade and it’s about time they got some of that US soundtrack money. “Lisztomania” flits and shimmers about like the most self-conscious member of a pack of twinks in a gay bar, has a killer chorus, and may be the most suited track to dancing around in your socks this year. lol indie.

And before you say anything, yes I was aware that they play baseball in “Northanger Abbey”.


Phoenix – Lisztomania (MP3)

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