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The disinterested ILB end of year rundown: #18 Masta Ace and Ed OG – Little Young

I appreciate I’ve used that image before but, really, have any of us tired of Ashley Young wanking on webcam? It’s the Paul Jewell sex tape for white girls, basically. Never noticed the chick has “bills” and “beauty” on her bookmarks before.

Anyway, onanistic left-wingers aren’t really gonna explain Masta Ace and Ed OG’s 2009 album “Arts and Entertainment”. There does seem to be a movement amongst those of us who are still clinging to our 90s rappers that all they need is to do hook-ups with other 90s rappers and the world will be right again, that “Cuban Linx 3” should feature Craig Mack in a starring role or that Buckshot and Everlast going bar for bar would somehow be a good idea. I don’t get this thinking, it seems to be a mere short step from those “BEST OF THE 80S” tours that play in provincial theatres nationwide, based on the understanding that nobody will pay to watch an entire Haircut 100 concert, but if they do “Love Plus One” and “Nobody’s Fool”, and you get to see Nick Kershaw and one remaining original member of Lipps Inc in the same night, you might cough up.

Masta Ace’s career since ILB’s album of the decade, “A Long Hot Summer”, has been… odd. We compared it elsewhere to Batistua’s playing career after leaving Serie A, a leisurely doss around the Arabic leagues where he didn’t have to try too hard, knew he had enough of a fanbase to be renumerated for whatever he did, and knew he’d be surrounded by people who were competent, but nowhere near talented enough to stop him shining. Hence the EMC album.

“Arts and Entertainment” is different… it’s basically “How much handwringing about the state of rap today” can you take over the course of one album. I mean, I can take maybe six tracks out of every 10, so this was trying my patience hard. It’s not a bad album at all or anywhere near, it’s just that everything good about it is encapsulated here: names are named, bitching is done, and the beat at least sounds energetic. I was born too late to care about Ed OG, but he’s kinda good here as well.

Masta Ace and Ed OG – Little Young (MP3)

  1. MF
    December 23, 2009 at 10:17 pm

    On paper, grumpy old man boring NY rap by Masta Ace should make me want to listen to nothing but Mims for the rest of my life, but he’s somehow managed to pull it off for most of the decade, and is actually better now than he was back in the day.

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