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The disinterested ILB end of year rundown: #20 Glee Cast – Don’t Stop Believin’

So if ILB hadn’t got a Sabu-esque reputation as king of the bridge-burners amongst the paying music journalist fraternity, we would probably have pitched some 1500 word insight-free article about “How ‘Don’t Stop Believin'” Conquered Music” or something.

It’s worth remembering that, as of four years ago, nobody in the UK had a fucking clue who Journey were. Their biggest hit was “Who’s Crying Now”, which charted at a triumphant #46, and they were usually filed alongside yr Rick Springfields, yr Stxes, yr Hootie and the Blowfishes and your Lifehouses in that “Oh yeah, those guys are pretty big in America, right? No, me neither” category.

The ascension of DSB was based on pop culture serendipity, or possibly someone being very smart with paying off TV producers. On June 5, 2005, Peter Griffin and pals knocked it out at karaoke prior to a pretty good “dropping a coffin” sight gag. Less than two months later, it was used in the season debut of “Laguna Beach”. It went to #1 in the iTunes US chart from there, and when the UK finally learned out how to torrent these shows we got excited about it as well. Tony Soprano failing to notice the guy in the Members’ Only jacket (OH SHIT EUGENE PONTECORVO HAS COME BACK TO LIFE TO REAK TERRIBLE GHOSTLY REVENGE) only cemented its position even further.

And so now it’s a student union staple, and being as when I was doing Apple Sourz and Dooleys shots and eating eight kebabs a week, the designated singalong-a-fresher hits were “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” and “Teenage Dirtbag”, I gotta say the kids are alright with me.

You know how a lot of people thought it was good that Brian Clough got to see Forest’s undefeated streak beaten by Wenger’s Invincibles before he died, and that he got to see the stirrings of Jose Mourinho as his rentagob zing successor? That’s how I feel about Glee and John Hughes. If JH had to go to that great detention centre in the sky, at least he got to see a TV show that captured some of that Brat Pack spirit, something that actually worked as a piece of Teen Moviedom, even if it was on screen, and didn’t resort to CHECK OUT THIS HOT NEW INDIE BAND soundtracking or Diablo Cody-esque self-righteousness.

Glee is a flawed show, obviously: the black character is a horrendous “snap yr neck, nuh-uh sistah” stereotype, the Asian chick doesn’t have a personality at all, and Jayma Mays doesn’t show enough leg. But it’s worth sticking with, despite the occasional swanton bomb into cloyingness, because it has some great moments and shit like this. And this. And this. I mean, it would be show of the year, but Mike The Situation goes hard, so it’s only the second best.


Glee Cast – Don’t Stop Believin’ (MP3)

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