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Dean Heslop – Say You’re Sorry

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Chris Brown, Marlon King and now DEAN HESLOP. Femanism surrender.

Yeah, I know you’re all probably pissed off with ILB’s slow descent into what Tumblr pages would look like if you removed all the xkcd comics, Twilight references and photos of women “proud of their curves”, but fuck it, a) we’ve got a major project in the pipeline that you’ll learn about soon and b) you’ll all be doing the Dean Heslop in playgrounds come next week.

So much greatness here that I’d feel like I was throwing spoilers out if I tried to summarise. Dean looks like he should be 1/3 of Albania’s Eurovision entry in 2005 (diamond earring plus Kosovan serial rapist stubble is a great mix), but then he manages to take your mind off both his looks and the… whatever the fuck that song is supposed to be (it’s like The Ones being fed through a meatgrinder) with a tale of gender dynamics that contain slightly less balance than the average Extreme Associates DVD. Although how any woman could have respect for the breakdown dance moves at 3:05, I have no idea.

When this all turns out to be viral marketing for a new type of energy drink and not a real musician, I’m gonna look like a twat, huh?

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