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Soft Cell – Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Remember classic aborted ILB series Novelty Cover Version week? The people who ensure we still get about 15 hits a week for search for photos of Richard Cheese certainly do.

Anyway, we never got around to Nouvelle Vague and our confusion as to how they have 14 million plays on last.fm (to put that into some kind of perspective, that’s more than double the number of plays for De La Soul). They’re a band that apparently have a lot of fans, and not just in a “lol listen to this fucken cover of “Into The Valley” done by a chick talking very very slowly” way. We would have gotten around to, hey, covering them during Novelty Cover week eventually, if we had any staying power. The point we would have made is that they don’t really work as a good novelty cover band, because all do is make you want to listen to the originals tracks. Indeed, in some cases, NV’s covers aren’t even as good as covers of NV’s covers:

But anyway, whatever whatever. Nouvelle Vague’s third album, dropped earlier this year, and it contains a over of Plastic Bertrand’s “Ca Plane Pour Moi”, rather than Elton Motello’s queercore anthem “Jet Boy Jet Girl”, which just seems like a waste of time. It also features a take on “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye”.

I have no idea about Soft Cell, really. All I know is that a) “Tainted Love” b) Rowan Atkinson firing shots at Marc Almond in a Not The Nine O’Clock News skit (apparently Almond’s autobiography contains a long section calling the star of Johnny English “talentless” for this, might be worth hunting out in the final Border’s firesale) c) six pints of semen.

So I never understood why your fat London dyed hair fairy wing labret piercing six-inch platform heels Simon Price Facebook-friended glamour phag yatches went for Soft Cell so hard. I have no real desire to find out fully either. All I know is that it twigged the other day that “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” is a really good song, like if someone slapped a bit of sense into “Don’t You Want Me Baby”. It doesn’t even sound that sleazy, it just sounds like a couple of sixth formers who’ve discovered Soho for the first time and are laughing at dildos at 11pm on a schoolnight. We’ll avoid talking about the David Gray version, obv.

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