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IchLugeBullets’ Singles Club: The Indelicates – Unity Mitford

The Indelicates’ debut album, “American Demo”, is one of ILB’s top 20 LPs of the decade. We get the feeling nobody else likes them, being as they are basically two trolls, one of whom wants to be Luke Haines and the other one who looks like the chick who does the “Real Life Photo Drama” spoofs in Viz. But we hold them very close to our hearts here at ILB.

The version of “American Demo” that went up on what.cd on its release also failed to feature this track, so I’ve spent the past 18 months assuming it didn’t exist. Our discovery of it could, at least, classify it to some listeners as a “new” track to tide you over on hearing that Julia and Simon have recorded and are in the process of dropping a new record. Plus that photo of Unity Mitford, Diane Mosley and a whole bunch of Fascists really is one of our favourite photos ever. The cheeky side of white nationalism.

Anyway, why The Indelicates? As said before: they’re trolls, straight up and down. The world really didn’t need a tweepop liberal hawk act heavily indebted to Carter USM, but by god they gave them one. Even just the songtitles – “If Jeff Buckley Had Lived” (“there’d have been weeks of sickness/acid vomit in his throat/and the awful press pictures”, “Waiting for Pete Doherty To Die”, “The British Left In Wartime” – lets you know that maybe if these guys were a decade younger, they’d probably have modding priveleges at EncyclopediaDramatica.

And, really, dedicating a lovesong to the alleged sexual relationship between big ol’ racist 1930s British socialite Unity Mitford and Adolf “Downfall” Hitler is as good a piece of WUM as you’re going to get, especially when you start throwing in how much the Nuremberg Rally looks like a field of flowers. I mean, you know why The Indelicates excite me? I’ll tell you then reuse exactly the same metaphor when I get around to reviewing their album: they’re like how Marilyn Manson seemed to me when I was 15, except with better songs (although, admittedly, nothing as good as “The Beautiful People”): just good old fashioned devil’s advocacy and wind-up merchantry set to a beat you can dance to. Except whereas Manson had to go “lol jk didn’t mean that u guyz” after Columbine, so far The Indelicates have only had to apologise for pro-Bill O’Reilly lyrics after that one abortion doctor got iced. Which is stupid, as abortion doctors are evil people who don’t deserve to live.


The Indelicates – Unity Mitford (MP3)


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