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Your brief guide to “This Will Be Our Year”

The Zombies – This Will Be Our Year

I never mentioned this at the time, but I always thought that maybe… 2% of the Arctic Monkeys’ success was down to the fact they had the word “monkey” in their name. They were shooting for a 6th forum/uni student market, so what better way to appeal to them than to throw a “lol random” buzzword in there? If I wanted to make megabucks right now from a band, they would have the word “ninja”, “pirate” or “cheese” in their name. I don’t know if The Zombies have made any extra money out of the 36-month craze for all things zombiefied amongst cretins (maybe horrorpunk bands are finally cashing in on that? Someone check Wednesday13’s shareholdings), but then I suppose they make enough from playing ATPs and shit like that? Is that undignified for a band of their age? Just makes me think of when you go and see a gig and there’s some 55-year-old going ham at the front and all you can consider is “Why aren’t you at home with a wife and child who love you dearly?”. Good song, mind.

The Beautiful South – This Will Be Our Year

Yeah, Mondeo Pop rides again on ILB for the briefest of moments. When The South split, Heaton described it as being due to “musical similarities”, later going on to clarify that this meant they’d spent the final decade of their career effectively releasing the same album over and over again. This isn’t a point without merit, but their covers album, “Golddiggas, Headnoddas and Pholk Songs” (classic title imo) is easily the finest of their later works, a mixture of “hah, look who we’re covering” covers (Blue Oyster Cult, S Club 7) and covers that make perfect sense (Electric Light Orchestra, The Zombies themselves). I dunno why this song hits me so hard… going back to the Mondeo Pop ideology, it’s all about grabbing on to whatever you can in the monotony. This is a track that captures that perfectly.


OK Go – This Will Be Our Year

Yeah, this is awful. Do you think OK Go are happy with their lives? They are permanently going to be known as “the gym machine dancing dudes”, will never have another hit, but probably made enough money and jailbait pussy off that one joint to mean they never need work again. Most deals with the devil are signed in blood on parchment, this one was signed in sweat on a Fitness First towel. Anyway, before OK Go had thrown their souls away, they still needed to make bank by doing whatever came their way. This is from the soundtrack to seminal teen flick “John Tucker Must Die”, in which a bunch of girls (one’s a goth, one’s a cheerleader, the other is something else) get played by John Tucker, who is played by Chad Michael Murray or someone idk, and so they set about bringing him down with the help of a geeky girl. The movie was mainly funded by Diet Coke and resultantly features a can of the black doctor in nearly every single scene. This movie was clearly filmed before Sainsbury’s started doing Relentless for £1 a can, solving everyone’s caffeine needs a little easier.


Menswe@r – This Will Be Our Year (Spotify)

Hahahahahahahahahaha. Hahahahahaha. Hahahahahaha. Ha.

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