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Notes from the world of blogging…

We’re working on another one of our award-winning articles about, idk, the state of the British music journalism industry or some Mid-West lyrical cat rapper that only six people actually care about at the moment, but we thought we’d just interrupt your Google Reader profile to let you know that over the past two hours we’ve seen at least 30 hits for this site for people searching for “Sarah Boden”, “Sarah Boden Observer Music Monthly” and, my personal favourite, “Sarah Boden Cunt”. Could someone be self-googling? Or does she just have a particularly ill-skilled stalker? We’ll keep you informed here at ILB.

Always wondered how that little lad’s career was going to cope after Mike Jack rolled a seven. Sarah, can you phone up some of the peeps in your contact book and let us know? It’s not as if you have an actual job to occupy your time any more, huh?

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