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Post-midnight Youtube filler: Generation X – Dancing With Myself (#61, June 1981)

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this is jared not willima comenting but i love this song every says that its clasical music well it is a clasic it is awesome just don’t realy like the video oh and check out our chanel we don’t have any videos yet but when we do check em out

Do you think Billy Idol is happy with his life? I’m not sure either way. I mean, it’s taken as a given that, say, Adam Ant almost certainly isn’t. If Adam Ant had retained, say, a tenth of the looks he had in 1981 he would be drowning in pussy to this day. As it is, he’s moribidly obese, bald and insane. Idol hasn’t changed much lookwise in the past 25-years (google pictures yourself, this is a filler post, we’re not doing actual research for it): still ploughing the leather and anime blonde hair spikes furrough. Did women ever find him attractive?

I have an offer to make though. Right now there’s a good ol’ fashioned titlefight going on between Weiss and Noz with Deej playing the Harvey Wippleman role. Go and read it, all we’re gonna do here is mention last week’s Glee. But it made me a little frowny-face. ILB has, for 18 months now, been your premier location location location for the hardsonning of British music critics. We’ve slapped the shit out of NME hacks, Guardianistas, those plying a trade for the London freesheets, DrownedInSounders… and what do we get in return? James McMahon pulled a Kelly Pavlik on us after originally showing a little fight. Claude Carpientiere likewise, although get ready for the first anniversary of him filing legal suit against us over Facebook on ILB, we’re gonna do a week-long celebration. Joe Mofrad tapped like the late great Gregory Hines. The rest just Google themselves and gaze longingly at the shots fired (although it may be possible that someone other than Elisa Bray cares about what people are saying about Elisa Bray on the internet).

So look: we’re full of self-loathing right now. Open challenge: any UK music blogger of note, we are prepared to go to the mattresses against you. We’re probably one level away from cracking 1,000 a day hit averages for this site, we need something to go next level. You know the contact details.

Oh yeah, Glee: so after nine episodes they’ve finally given the AZN a personality, but in doing so have taken away any one that the black lass had and replaced it with a fat girl sassing people three times an episode. Well done all involved.

  1. November 18, 2009 at 5:51 pm

    Surely McMahon deserves another look after his “without 9/11, no My Chemical Romance” piece in this week’s NME?

    • Dom Passantino
      November 18, 2009 at 8:16 pm

      Am I going to have to buy a copy of it just to clown? Or will there be a version of Jimmy Mack’s ever-fascinating NME-exclusive blog?

  1. December 18, 2009 at 10:52 pm

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