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IPC journalists of the late 90s: where are they now?

Stephen Gateley was only the second person, after Tammy Wynette, to have appeared on the 1997 BBC advertising gimmick/charity single “Perfect Day” to have died. Considering this advert featured perrenial dead pool longlisters Shane McGowan, Dr John and Burning Spear, that strikes me as a little weird. Here’s what some of the hacks of around that era are up to now:

Daniel Booth

Having spent several years drowning in mud at festivals as a music journalist, Daniel made the leap to Web User in 2001, working his way up from staff writer to deputy editor, via features editor. His first experience of the internet came in the late Nineties with regular rants on the Gillingham FC fans’ message-board, but these days he spends more time planning holidays on TripAdvisor.

Website Daniel couldn’t live without: “The Onion. Simply the funniest site on the web. Hilarious mix of savage satire and spoof news stories.”

Yo, Jimmy McMahon? This is your future.


Everett True

Still basically the heterosexual Pat Patterson of music writing, except whereas PP gave the world the Royal Rumble and Virgil’s cock, ET has instead given us a string of failed enterprise and lots and lots of shine for jailbait powerpoppers. Blog occasionally mentions that he met Kurt Cobain once, which is fair enough, as he didn’t reveal that during the 90s.


Johnny Cigarettes

Doyen of a Corvette afficionado website. Here’s a sample post:

Thanks for those leads. I think I can shoot the toy Gasser, and trace it out in Illustrator and modify the image to look something close to the undercarriages of the ’56. I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out! Thanks again.

Some will say that that’s not the same Johnny Cigarettes, but I’m not so sure, 15 years is a long enough time for anyone to finally become readable.


Steven Wells

Not answering my emails for some reason.

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