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Nancy Wallace – Young Hearts Run Free


Novelty, cross-genre cover versions have two separate, parallel lives. The first is as “You gotta check this out, this fucken grindcore band are doing ‘Synth and Strings’”. And the second is actually as something you can sit down and enjoy.

Let’s run this down quickly. Nancy Wallace is a folk (as in the British “a flagon of ale oh stout yeoman of the bar” genre, not the American vaguely cool one) musician of indeterminate age who dropped an album this year that got reviewed by what I can only assume was one of Pitchfork’s youth teamers, but three years back released an album of disco covers. Disco music hadn’t yet ruined rap music for Sasha FJ, so it was still cool to like it back then.

Now, really, this should be a full-on exercise in “hahaha, people wore flares back in those days, but now I’m gonna to play this song whilst wearing wellington boots and smirking”. Which, in fairness, there’s nothing wrong with per se: ILB will represent for The Dan Band until someone points out to us the misogyny rampant in their act, and then we’ll just mumble and hope the conversation switches to something else. But Wallace goes somewhere else with it. She’s actually… sincere?

Don’t be for a second fooled into thinking sincerity makes for good cover versions. Arguably one of the lowest periods of music was in late 1999 when every single band were doing long-ass dragged out acoustic cover versions of “Baby One More Time” to prove that it was a Real Pop Song. I mean, basically, the point I’m making here is that Wallace’s take on “Young Hearts Run Free” has so much going against it, and yet it’s a legitimately affecting piece of work, and it kinda makes up for the fact that there’s this chick I went to uni with who syncs her blog to her Facebook notes updates and it’s about her adventures in breaking into folk music and how she wore a fucking shoal in a rainstorm celebrating Oestre or some shit the other week. Good times.


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  1. F
    November 5, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    PFK youth-teamer = bassist from Electrelane

    (is…is that the joke?)

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