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The Foundations – Baby Now That I’ve Found You/ The Hollies – Carrie Anne

Despite them not really sounding anything like each other, it’s not just me that’s merged these two songs into one in my mind is it? Tunes, both of them….

They’re both Classic Gold mainstays though, so we can probably spare a few hundred words to sing their praises. The Foundations, or at least a band of people claiming to be The Foundations and probably featuring just a bassist who played with them briefly in 1975, currently make a living touring UK campuses singing “Build Me Up Buttercup” to pissed-up freshers. I wonder what the life expectancy on this is: kids who start university next year will only have been six when “There’s Something About Mary” came out, and I doubt that’s a movie that’s gonna make it to two generations of viewers. Apparently Alfonso Ribiero is also appearing at student events these days, judging Carlton dance-a-like contests. It’s a pitiful fall from the top.

The Foundations are British. I never knew this until one of them (one of the white ones, take that society) was arrested for raping a kid. Still, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the reason this song got to #1 was because it was so bland and generic for the time it wasn’t played by pirate radio stations, so Radio 1 playlisted it as a deliberate attempt to show how “different” they were. A victory for the normal, paedophile, man.

The Hollies, on the other hand, released an album called “Abbey Road”. It’s better than The Beatles’ one, even if I do always think that “A Simple Game” is by them. It’s actually by The Moody Blues.

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