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Mondeo Pop Month: Hue and Cry – Labour of Love

Released: June 1987

UK chart position: #6

From the album: Seduced and Abandoned

The University of Glasgow: what a bunch of crazy characters their voting body must be. Here’s a brief precis of the people who have fulfilled the nominal role of rector of said institution in the past decade. Gay “don’t see him on the telly much these days” catchphrase king Richard Wilson. Pisshead chatshow politician Charles Kennedy.  Johnny Ball, from the eighties. Mordechai Vanunu, who is still the only Jew you’re allowed to like if you join any student left-wing political organisation. Winnie Mandela, who killed a bunch of people. Investigative journalist Ross Kemp. The taller one from Still Game, don’t know, never watched it. And Pat Kane, who was the singer of Hue and Cry. What a fantastic educational facility, well done to all involved with its continued existence.

Was Mondeo Pop left wing? That’s a tough call to make, and one that may seem hypocritical when we’ve spent the past week telling you how it stood for the mortgaged, the white collar, the aspirational upper working and lower middle classes who wanted nothing more than to be able to stop saving the coupons at Tesco that gave them a free kids meal when they bought two adult ones at Little Chef, and to be able to go to this new Pizza Express place that’s started up (subs: please check if we had Pizza Express in the 80s).

I’m not too sure though. The Housemartins were political, The Beautiful South were political, Del Amitri were political… a lot of the Mondeo Pop acts came from old school socialist hotbeds: Glasgow, Liverpool, Sheffield. A lot of them had done well out of Thatcher (insert your own “indie rock business was borne out of Thatcherite economics theory” here), but had watched their hometowns and the kids from their year at school be summarily fucked in the a by Maggie at the same time. There’s a lot of guilt that’s going to be there, and it’s guilt you’re not going to assuage by hanging out with Winnie Mandela and Grant Mitchell at a freshers’ ball waiting for Chesney Hawkes to come on and do his turn. So you write a tune like “Labour of Love” from the viewpoint of a disillusioned working class Tory who “ain’t gonna work for you no more”, and feel a tinge of happiness as you think of the good you’ve done that day, whilst cursing the 45% tax rate at the same time. The 1980s in a nutshell, ladies and gentlemen.

See? I made it through the whole write-up without doing a bukkake gag based on the video. That’s that employable skills racket right there, son.

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