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Das Racist – Shorty Said (Gordon Voidwell remix)

You know, between Das Racist and that Kabuto the Python album, the only 2009 music I want to listen to is stuff I’m 99% sure is objectively terrible. And yet I honestly love this shit. “Combination Pizza Hut Taco Bell Greggs Bakers Oven Harvester” was basically a shitty version of “Sandwiches” by Detroit Grand Pubahs, so ignore that, but “Shorty Said” is basically “Lookin’ Boy” without the rape gags and with a list of Bollywood actors instead. Ten ILB points to anyone who can actively identify any of them apart from “that one who got kidnapped”.

The way I break down this post-Baltimore electro-indie hip-hop tight jeans ish to an extent is that people are basically confused because it’s being done by  black dudes and resultantly everyone’s fucking scrambling to critically assess it in a hip-hop context. This is what would have happened a decade ago if most nu-metal vocallists had been black. It’s more like a big beat for the late 00s and, hey, you liked that one Scanty Sandwich song, right?

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