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Racist fun with Benny Benassi

Benny Benassi. You remember him, right? “Push me, and then just touch me, so I can get my, satisfaction”.  A bunch of off-duty Max Power models doing DIY in the video. Had a follow-up single that sounded like DJ Hell messing about with the speech function of his iMac. Right, you remember him. Anyway, his official website has a series of different flash videos for whenever you refresh the main page, kinda like Homestar Runner except this is basically just All Poopsmith All The Time. The videos feature a picture of Benjamin, and then it morphs into something else. Clever, I know. Anyway, here’s the before of one of the photos…

benny benassi

And here’s the after…

benny benassi racist

Yeah… you’d have thought somebody would have said something along the line.

Special bonus blackface material

Reeves and Mortimer do Barry White on YouTube. They used to be funny, y’know?

  1. jordan s
    September 24, 2009 at 12:24 am

    and you visited benny benassi’s official website because…?

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