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Add-2 – The Menace’s Theme


Good lines from “The Menace’s Theme” by Add-2: “I been spittin’ that real shit as long as Jim Jones been spittin’ bullshit”. “I’m always it, like the damn fat kid playing freeze tag”, “So dope, I make fans fiends when I make songs/ And when they hear it, niggaz play it like the race card”

Great lines from “The Menace’s Theme” by Add-2: “Got white folks playin’ my music like Guitar Hero”

Less-than-great lines from “The Menace’s Theme” by Add-2: “I be to wack rappers what Hitler was to Jews”

Still, light-hearted Jewbaiting is pretty big amongst the rap blogger crowd these days so maybe he was just playing to the audience.

Minor hip-hop blog and Twitter feed disturbance of the week was Clipse’s Complex interview, in which they spoke out (or at least were prodded in the direction of speaking out against) the Nah Rightification of rap music, mans churning out mixtape after mixtape after mixtape to absolutely no avail, seemingly believing that the career arc to copy is Cory Gunz’s. Anyway, while Clipse certainly have a point, there’s no point in holding back the tide so we may as well just cope with what we’ve got, and see if we can at least switch to the 2DopeBoyzification of rap music. It’s like Nah Rightification, but with less Vimeo clipse of Curren$y going shoe-shopping, and more rappers who text their friends to go “SHIT! ?UESTLOVE JUST RT’D ME ON TWITTER! YOU GOTTA SEE THIS!”

What do I know about Add-2? Absolutely fuck all. He’s from Chicago, he’s put out three mixtapes, and I heard him on Tanya Morgan’s show on PNC Radio this past weekend, where they mainly went “Goodie Mob are playing tonight” over and over again. Have I listened to his three mixtapes all the way through? No, what do you think I am, made of spare time or something? What I have managed to make my way through is pretty good though, so, y’know, download and support new music or something. If he wants to get big blog hype though, he needs to be like Pill and do one of those videos that look like an Everlast promo circa 1999.

Add-2 – The Menace’s Theme (MP3)

Add-2 – Sweat Ya Perm Out (MP3)

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