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Roc Raida is dead

ncfilms a famous dj named Roc Raida died i believe

less than 20 seconds ago from TweetDeck

So if, as previously discussed on ILB, the possible comparison for DJ AM’s impact on music was The Beatles, does this make Roc Raida… Elvis? Thomas Tallis? The first man who ever banged two sticks together in a cave to create percussion?

We’re not gonna toss out “lol u dead” zingers here though because a guy who never really actively annoyed us has passed on, and when it comes to joints that were rinsed on student radios during my freshmen year that nobody has listened to since, I’d much rather bump “It’s Goin’ Down” than, say, Stellastar or Kid Galahad.

It’s a good song, though, thoroughly enjoyable and arguably sounds a lot better now than it did at the time due to what it represents. Back then, when we thought of a rap/rock hybrid, we thought of stuff like this, straight out of the Run DMC/Aerosmith or Public Enemy/Anthrax playbook: the rap had to be shouty, the guitars had to be dumb, and it had to be targeted at the “throwing yourself against walls” crowd. In this context, Linkin Park teaming up with some wacky turntablists while the dude from Static-X pulled dumb fucking faces made perfect sense.

2009, however, sees Jay-Z being far more in tune with the readers of Stereogum than XXL and both Black Lips and Peter, Bjorn and John releasing guest MC remixtapes, as if this will somehow make our lives better. It’s not even that this kind of stuff makes me nostalgic for the days of “It’s Goin’ Down”; it’s all so painful as to make me nostalgic for the days of Tyga doing Fall Out Boy remixes.

Maybe one day we’ll return to the state of affairs where all rock artists were racist and rappers thought Kurt Cobain’s name was actually “Nirvana”. Until then, pour one out for Roc Raida.

  1. Stretch
    September 19, 2009 at 7:55 pm

    I wasn’t saying that DJ AM’s impact on MUSIC was like the Beatles’. I was suggesting that he was for djs what the Beatles were for bands in that he did things and opened doors that had never been before. AM, without even putting out records, simply on the merits of his talent and showmanship, became a headlining artist, playing for huge amount of people for huge amounts of money.

  1. January 19, 2010 at 12:48 am

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