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Post-midnight Youtube filler: Abigail – Smells Like Teen Spirit

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was grunge but dance….
is ok

So we’re back and we’re tired and we went on holiday and we ate hella pane ca’meusa and don’t worry we do have opinions4u on how first world pop music is filtered down into Sicily (in short: Italians like Lady Gaga, Tiziano Ferri still has a career), but we’re running on fumes here, so why not sit down and enjoy Abigail’s high NRG cover version of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” while we try and write 100 sensible words on it?

Anyone who has ever seen the pure disgust on the faces of Smiths fans when they realise the track they’ve all just ran onto the dancefloor for is “Hippychick” will understand the visceral appeal of this track, and if you want some high-end bawwwing all you really need to do is clickthrough and find it. This track was released in July 1994, three months after Kurt Cobain was murdered by Courtney Pine, so presumably this was on some level a tribute. I do hope that when my death comes, my blog posts are played back on a casio keyboard with a woman lipsynching words that don’t appear to have ever come out of her mouth.

It’s all slightly reminiscent of Vitamin C’s later cover of The Strokes’ “Last Nite“, which at the time felt like an embarassing attempt at the late 90s shiny pop epherma grabbing onto what would be the sound of the first three years of the decade. Now, though, the song just sounds like 95 other acts in the top 40, and maybe if Ladyhawke spent a little less time being dangerously mentally ill and a little more time getting on the Lizzie McGuire soundtrack, maybe we’d all be much happier people.

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