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In memoriam: DJ AM


I was trying to think of an analogy in music to AM and the only group I could really think of is the Beatles. Everything the Beatles did, they knocked down a door. Every year there was something new, whether it was what they were recording or the technology and techniques they were employing. And it’s kind of like that with AM. He knocked down and opened so many doors that had never even been knocked on by DJs. These doors might be open but there’s no one that can walk in them right now, and who knows if there will be? He was a singular talent in that way. DJ Stretch Armstrong

If he wasn’t a commercially and aesthetically viable name worthy of admiration and paying customers, would fellow investors have dropped millions looking to cash in? Don’t bet on it. If he wasn’t great, would Jay-Z – arguably the greatest rapper ever – have let DJ AM spin beside him during October’s reopening of the Hollywood Palladium, barely a month after DJ AM’s plane crash? H-to-the-Iz-NO. AD Amorosi, Philadelphia Enquirer

DJ AM touched many with his light and will be missed like crazy Alyssa Milano

One of the most talented men I ever met Paris Hilton

Today, the music has died George Butler Columbia Urban Music Examiner

All DJs have been influenced by DJ AM Clinton Sparks

DJ AM was the first celebrity DJ DJ Skee

Still, bonus points to the eBay entrepreneurs who’ve already got his last tweet on a t-shirt. Can’t stop the hustle… And anyway, this is the only DJ AM writing anyone needs. Hope they have Ed Hardy in heaven, big guy….

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  1. August 31, 2009 at 1:12 am

    I’m honored.

    You missed “It’s sad, we lost an amazing DJ,” DJ Khaled told MTV News. “Everyone has love for DJ AM. … He made other DJs proud! DJ AM we will miss you. R.I.P. Every DJ will keep your name alive!”

    And “I already heard people are trying to hate like he wasn’t important, like he wasn’t a dope DJ,” Primo added. “Let me tell you something: He is the f—in’ sh–. This dude’s a f—in’ maniac on turntables, for real. You have to experience this dude’s tactics on turntables — he’s sick with it. And if I cosign it, f— any DJ who disagrees. You either haven’t seen him spin … and this dude’s history, his knowledge of music, was intense.”

    Forget Ted Kennedy. Dude was only The Kinks of American politics.

  2. Stretch
    September 19, 2009 at 7:54 pm

    I wasn’t saying that DJ AM’s impact on MUSIC was like the Beatles’. I was suggesting that he was for djs what the Beatles were for bands in that he did things and opened doors that had never been before. AM, without even putting out records, simply on the merits of his talent and showmanship, became a headlining artist, playing for huge amount of people for huge amounts of money.

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