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Noel Gallagher has left Oasis

black gallagher

He was the one who was always pretty sound in interviews, right, on some “lol Jay-Z/Bloc Party/Coldplay/all American bands fucken suck” tip, right? Rather than the one who wanted Damon Albarn to get the AIDS. Anyway, the only decent Oasis song is “Whatever” so we won’t be paying any tribute to the band via MP3s. Instead, we’ve got the following for you:

TV Offal: Kamikaze Karaoke – Oasis

I know Victor Lewis-Smith has always been radge at Chris Morris, but surely he could take some comfort in the fact that he doesn’t have a comedy facial disfigurement that makes him look like he’s been trying to open a carton of Rubicon with a 9 milli. This was funny.

Nowaysis – Shakermaker (Live On Top of the Pops)

I know “man, Youtube commenters are the dumbest people on the planet” schtick gets played out at times, but there’s about 40 people under this video going “THESE GUYS SOUND LIKE SUCH A RIP OFF OF OASIS WHY DON’T THEY GET THEIR OWN IDEAS”. I despair. I also despair of the fact that somehow Nowaysis were on Top of the Pops twice. And they wonder why everyone stopped watching it in the 90s?

Hale and Pace: Oaday

Of course Hale and Pace were always faux-edgy at the best (worst) of times, but were they really saying “twat” openly by the mid 90s? Nice to know that two consumate performers had no idea how to do a Manc accent, so just didn’t even attempt it.

Hale and Pace: Oaday (translated into Spanish)

Trust me, it’s funnier this way.

Rock Profiles: Oasis

Little Britain was worse than The Catherine Tate Show, mainly for this reason: Tate is a schlub who lucked into the BBC’s endless need to run with catchphrase comedy so they can make money off of merch. Catherine Tate has no talent. Lucas and Walliams do have talent, and not just for having stupid fucking themed weddings or nailing skanks, they’re funny guys. And yet they still decided to make a TV show that was 95% racial stereotypes and 5% vomiting. Rock Profiles was sorta good, though, in a way. Perhaps. Maybe.  This clip isn’t great, though.

  1. August 30, 2009 at 12:57 am

    Noel was the one who wanted Damon Albarn to get the AIDS

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