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Old musicians were shit, imo

Maybe I’m going to the wrong pub quizzes, but how come “What is the only UK #1 single that Tony Iomni and Cozy Powell played on?” isn’t generic street knowledge trivia these days?

Is this common knowledge that they were the session musicians on Hale and Pace’s 1991 charity single “The Stonk”? You probably could have guessed that Brian May was involved somewhere along the line, because he’s a cunt, but those two, Judie Tzuke and Dave Gilmour turn up as well. So maybe ponder this song the next time you walk into someone’s bedroom and see that they have that fucking “Pink Floyd album covers on naked chicks’ backs” poster.

A truly wonderful video as well, from the fact that the episode of the Chart Show this is ganked off appears to think the song is called “The Strong” by Hale and Peace (“The stomp. The. Stomp. The fucking stomp every night. Stomp. The Stomp. Red nose on your conk. Red nose. Conk.”), Northampton’s very own Lesley Joseph dressed as a flamengo dancer, and, hilariously, the Mary Whitehouse Experience. Rob Newman looks absolutely thrilled to be part of the proceedings.

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