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The Radiohead of cheese

i'm a cheesemaker i make cheese

More insights into the psyche of IchLugeBullets: about once a year a “heated” discussion will break out around the family dinner table during Christmas or Easter over the etymology of the term caciocavallo.

I’m not being “funny” or “cute” or angling for some kind of fucking “My Big Fat Paisano Family” bookdeal here, either: literally, at least 15 times in my life the argument as to whether the “cavallo” part of the phrase “caciocavallo” comes from either

a) the fact that said cheese takes its shape because it was originally transported solely by horses, and the pear-design made it easier to balance

b) it was originally made from horse milk.

Thankfully the conversation usually moves onto why the English are all awful people and whether or not we should drown all gypsies in Italy, or leave some to work in our abbatoir factories.

I mention all of this because Tastespotting through up a blog today that, and I warn you in advance of potential SMH moments here, actually uses the phrase “The Radiohead of cheese” to describe, well, a cheese. It’s here. It later goes on to describe another piece of dairy as the “Black Keys of cheese”. Presumably by that they mean that it looks kinda interesting when you first read about it, but when you finally get around to taking a bite there’s a load of hair in it.

You know, there really is a big gap in the market for someone who wants to set up an “OMG HIP YOUNG GUNSLINGER” foodblog, y’know? I mean, and I say this without any irony whatsoever, nobody in the world of music blogging in 2009 goes as hard as The Pioneer Woman, so surely it’s time we all just jumped ship? Holler at your boy…

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