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Normally I don’t do this, but, uh….

ILB goes from strength to strength in the hitrate department, Monday marking a new all-time high, and this basically seems to be because you, the loyal readers, don’t like it when I write intelligent and reasoned discourse on the platters that matter and the artists behind them. Nope, you prefer me being snipey and sarcastic about people who are slightly more successful than me in the music writing industry. Being as my two main sources of hits are people who read that material and people who are still googling ILB for BeastForum information, I really should get around to writing that “Elisa Bray likes being fucked by dogs, I have photographic evidence” post, should be a 3,000 readers-a-day classic.

Anyway, back to being snipey about music hacks:

Here’s a random piece from the Tumblr account of Fluxblog editor and liar Matthew Perpetua.

lol fattey

I mean, seriously. I ask you…

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