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In memoriam

As you’ll be well aware from today’s newspaper headlines, one of the true greats, a man who dominated the 80s and still had a major impact in the 90s, as well as leaving an indelible mark on football, has left us all. We here at ILB want to pay tribute.

Renato Pagliari, one half of Renee and Renato, tapped out at the age of 66 the other day. Arguably, alongside Joe Pasquale and Stakeknife, Pagliari represents some of the finest achievements of the Italian diaspora in the UK, most notably with the video above, his 1983 number one banger “Save Your Love”, but also for his branding work with Walls’ ice cream in the 90s, visible at 7:58 here (video clip also contains the Scotch videotape adverts that scared the shit out of the five-year-old me).

Still, after all this, he still found time to hang out with the UK’s favourite racist. Take it away, Wikipedia:

“Renato is a keen fan of Aston Villa F.C. and during the early 90s was asked by manager Ron Atkinson to sing Nessun Dorma at half time following a particularly poor first half performance by the team. On completion of his performance Atkinson told the players ‘Now that is passion! Go and show me some of that in the second half!’”

RIP big man.

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