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Does NME journalist James McMahon want to blap the shit out of his new boss?

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We took a stab in the dark at Phil Hebblethwaite being the next editor of the NME a few weeks ago, solely because we had a string of Google search hits for this site reading “phil hebblethwaite new nme editor” and we thought we’d chance our arm. So it’s probably safe to say we’re not the RP Ratings of the music industry game, probably more likely the Templegate, being as Krissi Murison is now taking the helms at IPC “Towers”.

Murison is a woman. Dunno if you’d noticed that from her name or photos. This is getting a lot of people excited, as all English men have massive Oedipal complexes and want to have sex with their mothers, so still get a semi at the concept of a female taking control of a predominately male industry. Or maybe they’re Feminism 101 bloggers who think that because Murison has a vag this means JD Samson will now beam out from the front cover of three out of for NMEs from now until eternity. Real talk: nothing will change, except maybe some creepy dudes will write stuff on the internet for a week or so, and maybe some high quality ho-saving will emerge.

Here’s a creep right here: Liverpool Echo blogger Peter Guy making a light-hearted allusion to Murison’s pubic hair before letting us know that

She’s HAWT, doesn’t take herself too seriously and is downright ‘lovely’ (so says one NME scribe who wouldn’t be quoted)

Now, who could this NME writer be who holds a candle, and probably something else, for the quite frankly 6/10-at-best journo. It”d have to be someone who Peter Guy has the inside track with, someone he could phone up like that just for a cheeky quote. Hmm….

They look like Adidas reps. Stripes everywhere. My heads bobbing furiously, and I’m failing badly to text. Can’t believe I’ve not updated Twitter for four hours. Going to have to text James McMahon so he can do it for me.
Agh, he’s out partying with Glasvegas’ bassist. Nightmare.

Yeah, nightmare Peter. So there we have it: James McMahon, causing awkward moments at an NME staffer Xmas office party near you soon.

  1. James Purnell
    July 30, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    Isn’t dude pretending to be Connor M in that article? pwned by lies

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