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Make your mouthpiece obese like Della Reese

fat boys crushin

I think most connisseurs of ILB would peg “A Brief History of Vandalism To MP3 Blogger Wikis” as one of the high points of this blog to date, and, really, any excuse to update it is gonna be eagerly pounced upon by us.

I mean, we could fill a post with tales of crepe stalls, LGBT movies, industrial action and Sean Scannell. And, in fairness, you should click through to all of those, because they’re fucking hilarious.

But no, we come here for another reason. The Morning News, a website I’ve never heard of, has just done a roundtable discussion with MP3 bloggers, because apparently that’s a good idea. You can read the whole shebang here. It’s pretty tedious: Noz has jokes but the rest of the guys seem to believe that the new jacks to the MP3 blogging game don’t understand the proud and storied history of uploading a song a PR agency sent you to Sendspace. Anyway, what caught my eye was this little quote from the piece’s journo about Big Perp:

Matthew Perpetua of Fluxblog.org didn’t start the first mp3 blog, but he usually gets credit for it.

OK, fair enough, you can imagine that the big man’s a little annoyed about having this attributed to him, especially when it’s pretty easy to Google and find out that Buzzgrinder started a whole year before Fluxblog, and even Perpetua himself was writing entries about IndieMP3 months before he ever started hosting MP3s on his blog himself. Basic fact is that journalists are lazy and love to write cheap, easy narratives like “Fluxblog was the first MP3 blog”, and this must surely annoy the hell out of a good Portugese boy like Perpy.  Still, where on earth could they have gotten that innacurate idea that Fluxblog was the first MP3 blog, hmmm?

Fluxblog is the very first MP3 Blog. It was founded by me, Matthew Perpetua, in 2002.

What a fucking prick. Fluxblog t-shirts are currently available in sizes up to XXXL by the way. I’m saying nothing.

SPECIAL BONUS MATERIAL: Bo$$ Hog Barbarians – The Weight Debate


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