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Your updated guide to “Wild World”

animal crossing wild world

Stylus Magazine, to me now, is like a favourite, deceased great-aunt: I miss it on the two or three occasions a year I remember that it ever existed.

One of Stylus’s great recurring features was the Summer Jamz colums: every June, Stylus writers would pretend that they ever got invited to cookouts, and didn’t instead just spend time at home wolfing down a pack of lamb burgers on their dolo, and told you what they’d be playing at said spectacular. A mixtape, a themed CD of 10 or 15 songs. The Summer Jamz concept still continues elsewhere to this day. I for some reason am not invited, possibly due to my leaving Stylus in the same way Brian Pilman left WCW.

Anyway, in 2006 I wrote a small, dumb mixtape based around cover versions of “Wild World”, the Cat Stevens irritant. It’s now 2009. We have Spotify in this day and age. In my honest opinion, it’s about time we did an update.

Aaron Meyer: Wild World (from the album “The Journey… Not The Destination” (2008))

I think my favourite thing about Aaron Meyer is that he’s chosen to call his personal imprint record label “Concert Violinist Aaron Meyer LLC”. Kinda reminds me of when my mother keeps asking me why my email adress isn’t “dompassantino@gmail.com”.

Cat Stevens: Wild World (from the album “Rock Masters” (2005)) and Cat Stevens: Wild World (Bana Bana) (from the album “Footsteps In The Light” (2006))

Cat Stevens was a recording artist from the 1970s, who today is probably more famous for the embarassment caused to the US customs department a few years back when he was banned from entering America, merely for his religious beliefs and the fact he once fired mortar shells at an Israeli primary school. I don’t even like “Wild World” that much to level with you, I’m just kinda fascinated by the fact that for such a mealy-mouthed, “oh no summer is usually 😀 but this year it’s ;_;” song, it’s been covered by so many artists. And that reggae dudes have such a severe hard-on for it. The “Bana Bana” version shoves some African shit in, it’s not that impressive.

Emmerson Noguiera – Wild World (from the album “Verso Acustica 2” (2002))

Kinda like when everyone breaks out the Astrud Gilberto and are just sitting around waiting for the bit where he covers “Billie Jean” because you don’t really know what’s going on in the rest of the songs. I mean, you did Spanish at school, and remembered “dos albondigas por favor”, but Portugese is a whole different thing, and really, most Brazilians do come across as pricks. Remember when Leonardo trod on that dude’s face?

Hank Marvin – Wild World (from the album “Guitar Man” (2007))

God bless Hank. Ruby Murray and Jack Jones never really recovered from becoming a default term of rhyming slang, but he’s run with it, and no matter how many takeaways are named “Hank” or “Marvin” now, he still finds time to wheel his nearly-dead body into the studio and record an album of 600 covers once every couple of years. The target market for these recordings surely don’t still have the motor capability to turn a CD player on, so are they just intended to be stared at adoringly? Or is the home help meant to sit through her shift listening to Hank pluck out “Homeward Bound” and “Love Is All Around”? A thankless task, especially when the caree has “dirtied” themselves.

Harri Marstio – Villi Maalima (Wild World) (from the album “Sateenkaaren Paa” (1993))

Seems to be the Finnish version of Zucchero. What a necessary thing to be.

Inker & Hamilton – Wild World (from the album “Dancing Into Danger” (1988))

Not a duet between zshare rap skitzo Charles and Kat Von D, sadly, but rather one of your 500-a-penny post-Eurythmics “faceless white guy does electropop backing for ever-so-slightly charismatic white chick” acts that nobody in 2009 could possibly care about. Supported Chris DeBurgh on tour, says Google.

Jakie Lovebar – Wild World (from the album “Sexy Groove” (2007))

Probably my favourite stuff on Spotify are the kind of records that get recorded that nobody ever hears: cheap covers albums clearly designed for backing spots on local TV or to be played out at shitty cafe bars in, like, Higham Ferrers. Google reveals that Lovebar doesn’t just do reggae covers as shown on this album, but also churns out light instrumental takes on Dylan and Zeppelin, a renaissance man whose career in ringtones is presumably dead now everybody has worked out how to rip Phil Brown singing “Sloop John B” off Youtube and make it their ringtone.

Jay – Wild World (single, 2008)

I have no idea who this man is, and really can’t google “Jay”, but my guess is he finished eighth on series four of “Dutch Idol”.

Jimmy Cliff – Wild World (from the album “Best of Jimmy Cliff” (1975)) and Maxi Priest – Wild World (from the album “This Is 1988” (2008))

Yo, seriously, on the real: fuck reggae.

Mr Big – Wild World (from the album “Deep Cuts: The Best of the Ballads” (2008))

I haven’t listened to this because as soon as I see “To Be With You” on any album tracklisting, I have to pounce straight on it. That really needs adding to the “Don’t Stop Believing”/”Total Eclipse of the Heart”/”Living On A Prayer” 80s baby power ballad party anthem playlist. I really do think I could spend the rest of my life listening to nothing other than tracks that are on “Singstar: Rock Anthems”, tbh.

Reggie Paul – Wild World (from the album “Carribean Holiday” (2005))

Get tae fuck.

XUK – Wild World (from the album “Love Hits Like A Cricket Bat Out Of Hell” (2005))

Wow, get a load of that album title. XUK are an LA-area band who, and correct me if I’m wrong here, have never had a single word written about them, despite the band having seemingly signed up for every musical self-promotion website out there. The lead singer has a weird voice. There, now they have something for their press one-sheets.


  1. July 20, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    You know you’re always invited to that shit. Nice mix–thankfully, you didn’t go out like Owen Hart.

    • Dom Passantino
      July 20, 2009 at 11:41 pm

      You’re ruining my bridge-burning badboy mystique here.

  2. TB
    July 21, 2009 at 6:03 am

    You know we can’t quit you.

  1. February 12, 2010 at 1:47 am

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