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Raekwon – Modern Day Marvels 9


I’m allowed a one week late pass on this one because my Football Manager 09 skills have been buzzing recently, be that taking Palermo to the Scudetto, back-to-back promotions with Guiseley into the league, or simply managing to turn a season’s profit with Southampton, I’ve not really had time for such fripperies as Raekwon mixtapes. Lemme speak on this one for 20 seconds though:

Not gonna do the “Man, ‘Cuban Linx 2 is taking a long time’ coming” post here, partly because it’s been done a lot more comprehensively and smoothly elsewhere, but mainly because I’d just end up dropping in some retarded challenging opinion like “Actually, I prefer ‘The Lex Diamond Story'” in order to keep myself entertained. No, what really draws my attention here is track 6, the obligatory “adressing” of “beef”.

The interviewer in question actually says, without bothering to paint it as some stroke of web 2.0 long-tail interactivity, “I asked people on Twitter what questions I should ask you”. I mean, I don’t know how little fucking research you can be bothered to put in before it gets to the point where you can’t even come up with the idea of asking a Wu-Tang member “So, that Joe Budden’s a bit of a character, huh?”, but then again journalism is a dead art form as that really really really fascinating series on DiS has proven this week (fill in your own “Drowned In Sound proves music criticism is dead every day” zinger here).

But then I replied this track, and listened to the interview identify itself… it’s below-mediocre UK hip-hop irritant Akira the Don, who I wrote a really shitty review of one of his even shittier albums once. That’s not the point though. His voice… he’s always looked like Justin Lee Collins…. since when has he started talking like him as well? Isn’t he from fucking Wales? Why is he speaking like someone doing a bad impression of Ian Holloway? Don’t get this industry sometimes….

Raekwon – Modern Day Marvels 9

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