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Adventures in being Sean Adams, episode 1

sean adams

The first in a new occasional series on IchLugeBullets.com where we take a look at what’s been going on in the world of DrownedInSound.com CEO Sean Adams in recent times.

Sean Adams on Fearne Cotton’s appointment to a daytime slot on Radio 1:

I’ve only met Fearne once but all she talked about was Bright Eyes in a proper fangirl kinda way, so she’s hardly without knowledge of music. Plus she’s dated a Kook, a Lost Prophet, a former fame academy fella, Kid Harpoon and a few others, so she’s hardly not been in and around music, and musicians who might know a thing or two about music.
sean | 16 Jul ’09, 12:15 | X | ^ This | Reply

Sean Adams gets his horndog on on Twitter:

Don’t call it a bro-mance: “Sean’s got a man crush, Sean’s got a man crush” @trent_reznor

Sean Adams on exciting new plans for DrownedInSound:

if you love ratings, you’ll love the fact we’re going to be introducing a user rating system.
sean | 16 Jul ’09, 15:43 | Reply

More adventures in being Sean Adams next week!

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