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I know everyone clowned “Our House Is Dadless” about six weeks ago, but…

…I have some final notes to make.

I mean, clearly, this is an awful song (hey, remember when Sway did a guest verse on that Madness album? Me neither), but I think it’s the band name that disquiets me more than anything else: “Kid British” sounds like a third-wave ska-punk act, gaining 2/5 for their debut album in Kerrang before supporting Capdown at a gig in Bletchley circa October 1999.

Anyway, notes from the video: I’m kinda feeling the “This Is England” clothing vibe, and tbh I’m prepared to take any movement in urban fashions that will move us away from skinny jeans, dressing like Djibril Cisse lookin’ boys. Not sure why it’s filmed in what’s clearly a provincial town (gardens! some hedges! a hint of a trellis!), when the song is about being ON ROAD in YOUR ENDS, BRUV, but then again I don’t film videos for fly-by-night post-grime chart botherers.

And, if I did, I wouldn’t humiliate the white member of the band by having the his rhymes come across while focusing solely on the ass of the actress playing his mother. Actually, wait, I would. The Oedipal ramifications of this video are pretty heavy, tbh, and sexualising your own mother while you lie down naked in bed really isn’t the best way of showing how “close” you are since your father walked out on you. I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

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